custom lift tableWhen it comes to finding a reliable positioning solution, a customized lift table is ideal for a variety of industry applications. From high capacity lift tables to portable units – these items provide the best solution in terms of strength and versatility. Having a lift table custom designed for your business means you can benefit from durable and very effective positioning units that are capable of handling heavy loads in a wide variety of environments.

There are many different lifting table units available, and the one you choose will depend on your unique environment and specific requirements. You can also use these lifts as a platform for your employees to work on, by simply adding components like guardrails and anti-slip platforms. Some of the most popular benefits of a customized lift table include:

  • It provides a customized lifting solution for a variety of industries
  • It can be made portable for easy relocation
  • Lift tables improve ergonomics in the workplace
  • High capacity units can lift up to 120,000 lbs and more
  • It can be used as a working table for construction teams

Customized lift tables have been around for years and they are quite versatile, especially when it comes to finding a solution for a specific application. If you need to lift heavy machinery or equipment, you can benefit from a high capacity lift table that can lift thousands of pounds at a time, easily and effortlessly. You can work with a professional team to create your own unique lifting table solution, making it highly effective, versatile and cost-effective, especially for larger businesses.

There are different types of lifting table units available including portable and semi-portable units. Portable units are designed to be able to move when loaded, while semi-portable units are not designed to be moved when they are loaded. You can now also add additional features, like a larger hydraulic pump and a higher horsepower motor assembly in order to increase the speed of the lifting table.

Pentalift is an industry leader when it comes to the design and manufacture of custom lift tables. We have been in business since 1983 and we excel when it comes to value and affordability to our customers. Whether you are in the manufacturing, mining, warehousing or sanitary industry – we can provide you with a customized lift table for your unique needs. Contact us at 519-763-6700 for more information on our product range.

Mike Earle

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