Power Supply Voltages

The power supply voltages available include 115 and 220 volt single phase. 380 3 phase 50 hertz voltage is also available. 3 phase voltages are recommended where possible to avoid any line loss issues.

Power Unit – Remote

Rather than the hydraulic power unit being installed underneath the dock leveler, the hydraulic power unit is supplied with a wall mounting bracket for...

Additional Hose For Remote power Units

Additional hose above the standard of 24 feet can be purchased as required by the individual application.

Control and Power Unit Stanchion

Control and power unit stanchion provides the ideal means to install and locate the electrical control panel and the hydraulic power unit(s) in applications where access to the interior wall adjacent to the dock leveler is impaired.

Warning Buzzer

The warning buzzer rings for 10 seconds any time the vertical storing dock leveler is activated to be lowered.