This page explains options that are common to Pentalift hydraulic dock levelers. For more information on any of these options or Pentalift products, contact your Pentalift representative.

Roll Off Stop Lip

A roll off stop lip creates a barrier to address the concern with fork lifts falling from the loading dock. See more details by clicking on this link.

Control and Power Unit Stanchion

Control and power unit stanchion provides the ideal means to install and locate the electrical control panel and the hydraulic power unit(s) in applications where access to the interior wall adjacent to the dock leveler is impaired.

Dock Leveler Lifting Bar

Dock leveler lifting bar is used to lift dock leveler using a fork lift truck. The bar attaches to the dock leveler simply, utilizing the threaded lifting nuts supplied in the dock leveler deck assembly.

Free Standing Frame

If floor space is at a premium a free standing frame assembly can be used to install a dock leveler on the exterior of the building.

Foam Insulation

The primary purpose of foam insulation is to reduce condensation on the dock leveler deck surface due to significant temperature differences from inside to outside.

Hot Dip Galvanizing – Things to know

Hot dipped galvanizing is a coating that is applied to metal to provide  unmatched corrosion protection and resistance. Hot dip galvanizing is well suited to vertical storing dock levelers that will be utilized in wash down applications.

Power Unit – Remote

Rather than the hydraulic power unit being installed underneath the dock leveler, the hydraulic power unit is supplied with a wall mounting bracket for...

Additional Hose For Remote power Units

Additional hose above the standard of 24 feet can be purchased as required by the individual application.

Epoxy Finish

Utilized to provide an upgraded level of paint finish for more demanding environments.

Lip Hinge Grease Fittings

Lip hinge grease fittings facilitate the application of grease to the dock leveler lip hinge.

Curb Angle Assembly

Steel angle iron with tab anchors welded along it are provided and embed into the edges of the dock leveler pit. The curb angle provides a metal edge to weld the dock leveler to during installation...

Shim Kits

Shim kits are utilized to facilitate the installation of the dock leveler into a pit that is deeper than the standard pit depth.

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