Power Supply Voltages

The power supply voltages available include 115 and 220 volt single phase. 380 3 phase 50 hertz voltage is also available. 3 phase voltages are recommended where possible to avoid any line loss issues.

Power Unit – Remote

Rather than the hydraulic power unit being installed underneath the dock leveler, the hydraulic power unit is supplied with a wall mounting bracket for...

Additional Hose For Remote power Units

Additional hose above the standard of 24 feet can be purchased as required by the individual application.

Controls – Auto Return to Stored Position

This option allows the dock leveler to automatically reposition itself to the stored position on the departure of the truck trailer.

Controls – Deck Stop

This option offers the operator the ability to stop the travel of the dock leveler deck  by pushing a button. It also allows the dock leveler lip to be extended at any point in the deck...

Controls – Auto Return + Deck Stop Combo

This is the combination of auto return and deck stop in one panel.