Three hydraulic scissor lift tables with side shifting chain conveyors are synchronized. These tables are lined up to provide an arrangement on which structural steel or tubing to be cut by a band saw can be placed, prepared for loading onto the main saw conveyor. Due to the fact that the lifts are arranged adjacent to the main saw conveyor this preparation can be completed concurrently while the saw is cutting a bundle of steel. When the bundle is fully prepared and the saw is ready, the lift tables raise the load. The chain conveyors side shift the load to line up over top of the saw’s feed conveyor. The lift tables are then lowered in synchronization to place the load on the conveyor. As the bundle approaches the conveyor the lift can be stopped and the side shifting chain conveyors can be shifted either direction as required to finely adjust the load to meet line up as required with the saws vice. Once the bundle is lined up properly with the saw. The lift tables are lowered further to fully place the load on the conveyor and the sawing process commences. The lift tables are then positioned to receive the next bundle and repeat the process. This arrangement results in improved safety, productivity and efficiency by eliminating or significantly reducing saw dwell during loading. The saw can remain constantly cutting. This is a significant benefit in such an expensive machine center.

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