Pentalift was approached by a large provider of contract sterilization using gamma irradiation. They were looking for a solution to a unique application. For each of the customer’s work cells, Pentalift designed a ‘U’ shaped work platform and a pallet lift. The lifts operate in conjunction with each other and are fitted with accordion bellows. The ‘U’ shaped lift table includes a powered sliding bridge that is 36” wide x 11” long (shown in the photo below). The powered sliding bridge is located at the closed end of the “U” shaped lift. There is a custom interlock that will not permit the powered sliding bridge to operate unless the bridge has cleared the height of the conveyor, and will not permit the work platform to lower below the height of the conveyor unless the powered bridge is fully retracted. The ‘U’ shaped Lift platform is 10’ wide x 12’ long, it raises up to 6’ and lifts 1,000 lb. The double scissor lift is 4’ wide x 6’ long, raises up to 8.5’ and lifts 2,500 lb. Both units and the bridge are controlled by a custom control panel located on a post on the deck of the ‘U’ shaped work platform.

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