Pentalift NL-series no low lift tables are hydraulic scissor lift tables that permit floor level access by pallet trucks and other material handling equipment. NL-Series tables are designed to accommodate the common dimensions of pallets and racks that are in use in various industries. Platform sizes are available from 44” x 48” to 50” x 54”. The front approach edge of the platform is beveled to make the loading / unloading of the table an easy operation. Pentalift No Low Lift Tables have a travel height of 35”. Available in 2,500, 4,000, 6,000lb capacities.
Pentalift NL-series no low lift tables are designed to be loaded / unloaded at floor level by powered or manual material handling equipment. A No Low table lifts the load into the correct “ergonomic envelope” for the worker. Pentalift NL-series no low lift tables are ruggedly built to perform reliably in most any industrial setting. By reducing the bending associated with the retrieval of parts, NL-series no low lift tables improve the efficiency of manufacturing, machining and processing operations.

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