The main concern is operator safety as it relates to eliminating potential pinch/shear/crush points when the lift table platform and rotating top lowers into the pit. First the lift table is equipped with . Electric toes sensors are an interlocked 4 sided bar assembly that is suspended under the lower 4 sided edge of the lift table platform. When lowering if any obstruction (operator’s foot, debris etc.) contacts the suspended 4 sided perimeter bar the lowering stops immediately. Second the rotating top must in the home position or in line with the main platform to avoid any chance of lowering the underside of a partially off centered rotating top onto the top of an operator’s foot. In other words the rotating top is electrically interlocked so it must be “square” with the lift table platform before the lift table will lower. These 2 safety features are included in the standard operational design of any Pentalift pit installed lift and rotate lift table.