fork truck maintenance liftNo matter how hard you look, there is no substitute for good forklift maintenance. Forklifts require regular service in order to perform at optimum levels. In addition, maintenance is essential when it comes to identifying and resolving minor problems that can affect productivity in the long term. In the end, forklift maintenance is very important for prolonging a forklift’s life. However, forklift maintenance is often a dangerous job and one of the best ways to prevent accidents during forklift maintenance is to use a fork truck maintenance lift.

A fork truck maintenance lift makes forklift maintenance jobs a lot easier and better since it takes over the most difficult and potentially dangerous part of the maintenance program: raising, maintaining, and lowering the forklift to the desired position. Although raising and lowering the forklift exposes the maintenance operator to a certain amount of risk, the danger arises from working under the hanging forklift. The role of the fork truck lift is to mechanically lock the lift in the position, facilitating improved safety.  The ratchet and pawl mechanism improves the safety while holding the lift in the maintenance position.

A fork truck lift makes forklift maintenance not only safer, but also a more productive process. Considerable amount of time is gained when using the fork maintenance lift to perform all the necessary repairs and replacement in a complete maintenance program. The dual redundant holding system allows free access to all service areas and also increases safety, which encourages operators to work with confidence and adjust the forklift to the desired position for optimum productivity. It also places the fork lift in a better ergonomic position improving work comfort for the mechanic which results in improved work quality.

A fork maintenance lift does not require a mounting pit that restricts visibility to service areas and also reduces dramatically the comfort of the maintenance operator. The locking system eliminates chain falls and blocking, which again has a positive impact on maintenance outcomes. Chain falls and blocking can be the cause of many accidents and injuries and eliminating such hazards in terms of forklift maintenance.

It is also very important that fork truck maintenance lifts have the right capacity. It is not only the capacity that ensures safe forklift maintenance, but also the safety ratchet and pawl system that assures load holding with safe redundancy. In addition, the fork maintenance lift is a stationary unit surface-mounted with an approach ramp. It is also securely lagged to the floor for maximum stability and safety. All of these features make the fork maintenance lift the ideal solution for forklift maintenance.


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Mike Earle


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