There are often lift table applications where it is impossible to permit electricity. Pentalift offers several options to overcome this situation. The first would be to look at the Pentaloader, an exclusive self-leveling Pentalift product that uses a spring cam arrangement to automatically present the load at an ergonomic height without using any power source. This table does not require any power unit of any kind, and is the only really durable, industrial strength self-leveler available in the marketplace. The Pentaloader is available in (4) different configurations, which can handle loads anywhere from 600lbs to 4500lbs. The spring tension can be adjusted without the use of any tools, by simply adding or removing spring locking pins from the system.
Another option would be to look at using a pneumatic table. There are two ways that Pentalift offers air tables. The first would be the Pro Air Series, which uses air bag technology to actuate the table. The other possibility would be to use a normal lift table with hydraulic cylinders, but then drive the cylinders using an air motor. Air bag technology is quieter and less expensive, but has limited size and vertical travel capabilities. Air motors provide much more flexibility when it comes to size and vertical travel, but are louder and are more expensive. Contact your Pentalift Sales Representative for more information.