What can you do when you need a lift table that you can roll loads onto, but it is not possible to cut into the floor to create a pit? There are a few ways to overcome this situation. If you do not require much vertical travel or capacity, you might be able to get away with a lift table model that offers a short retracted low height, and then utilize a hinged or floor mounted approach ramp. Depending on the application, Pentalift’s 4.3LH, Pro Series, or even the LPE might meet the requirement. The other possibility might be to move to a No Low style lift table. The No Low lift table has a ‘belly pan’ that is suspended between two sets of scissor legs that allows loads to roll onto the equipment from floor level. For drive in/ drive out version of the No Low lift table, this belly pan can be as little as 3/8″, but this this gets a little thicker for drive through versions. Contact your Pentalift Sales Representative for more information.