The loading dock area has been rated as one of the most hazardous areas of any facility. Unscheduled truck departure during the loading or unloading process does happen and it could result in a devastating accident if the forklift and operator fall from the elevated dock area to the driveway.

Vehicle restraint safety systems are designed to provide two very important functions. Vehicle restraint safety systems mechanically lock a truck/trailer in the proper parked position at the loading dock during loading and equally important provides visual safety related communication to the truck driver and the loading dock attendants. –

Pentalift introduced our first vehicle restraint safety system over 30 years ago. This link shows the evolution of the first vehicle restraint design introduced to the market; the link includes the brochure and an informative demonstration video.

Exterior visual communication is achieved with an outside wall mounted traffic style signal light and a high visibility sign advising the truck driver to back into position or leave on a green signal only.

The majority of vehicle restraints are anchored to the face of the foundation wall below the dock leveler. When activated the vehicle restraint mechanically engages with the truck’s rear impact guard locking the truck in position.

The interior vehicle restraint control panel has a red, green and amber signal light. The red light signals the dock attendant that the vehicle restraint is not engaged, the green light signals the restraint is engaged and it is safe to load the truck. If the vehicle restraint is cycled and does not contact the vehicle rear impact guard a buzzer sounds. If the decision is made to chock the truck’s wheels and loads the truck an override selector switch is activated illuminating the amber light signaling load with caution.

The demand for products to prevent unscheduled truck departure continues to grow. Based on the variety of trailer rear impact guard designs and positioning Pentalift offers 6 models of vehicle restraints to address this very important safety concern.

For 35+ years Pentalift has been regarded as a leader in actively developing new product designs towards the goal of promoting loading dock area safety. Please contact the Pentalift Sales Department to discuss your application and the loading dock area equipment available to further promote safety in the workplace.