For 35+ years Pentalift has designed, engineered, and manufactured an extensive line of the most commonly requested lift tables, tilters, rotators, and positioning equipment.  Click on the link to view our standard lift and positioning product line overview.

In addition to a pre-engineered product line, Pentalift recognized the industry requirements for custom designed lift and positioning equipment. Drawing from thousands of successful installations Pentalift provides equipment with a focus on user safety and product reliability.  Click on the link to view many examples of our custom design capabilities.

During the quotation stage, there are a number of questions to be asked, the answers provided will help in selecting/configuring the most suitable equipment. The questions can be few and straightforward or in some cases require back and forth communication to determine the best solution.

It is helpful to first explain the project goals, what is the actual application, what is the operating environment. The most common questions to start the quotation process are the requested platform size, the lifting capacity, the amount of vertical travel required, will the equipment be pit installed, surface installed, or portable.

Other questions relate to how the lift table is to be loaded and unloaded, frequency of operating cycles per hour, day, week, will there be people on the platform, and are there any operating speed requirements, control options such as hand held pendants, foot pedal controls, wall mount controls, etc.

It is important to get a complete list of application parameters to accommodate the most suitable equipment configuration.

Based on Pentalift’s wide range of standard equipment and extensive history of custom-built equipment and custom capabilities we are confident that when the questions are identified and answered we can provide the best product to meet your project requirements.

For additional information on any Pentalift products please contact the Pentalift Sales Department.