Keep winter out of your loading dock with a Pentalift Seal or shelter

With the onset of winter, much of North America will experience the inclement weather which comes with the season; snow, ice, freezing rain and high winds. To ensure the interior of your loading dock is not left open to these elements, a dock seal or shelter is highly recommended.

How does it work? When a trailer backs into your dock position, after raising the overhead door, the back of the trailer makes contact with the dock seal, sealing out the blowing snow, rain or debris from entering the interior. Once the dock leveler in place, the fork lift or pallet jack operator can comfortably move in and out  of the trailer without the weather getting in or the conditioned air escaping during the on or off-loading process.

The seal serves a dual purpose; one, it keeps the inclement weather from entering the building; helping to keep employees safe from slipping hazards and products free from contamination, and two, it helps maintain the conditioned temperature inside the loading dock, saving the company on energy costs.

Pentalift offers a complete selection of dock seals & shelters, manufactured in their own facility, under the strict standards which have made Pentalift products so popular all over the world.

Mike Earle


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