All Pentalift dock lifts are provided with 2 OSHA compliant 42” high guard rails c/w a mid-rail and 4” high kick plate. Typically the guard rails are installed on the long sides of the dock lift platform however based on the application and traffic flow they can be positioned on any side or end of the platform.

The standard design is referred to as removable guard rails.  Removable guard rails are bolted to a threaded plate that is welded to the dock lift platform. Hand tools are required to remove the bolts holding the guard rails in place, 2 bolts per end of the guard rail section. Removable guard rails are shown on Page 4 of the enclosed link.

The second style of guard rails are welded into position and are referred to as permanent guard rails. Permanent guard rails are shown on Page 2 of the enclosed link.

There are applications that require the guard rails to be easily removed and temporarily stored. To address this requirement Pentalift offers pocket style guard rails. Pocket style guard rails are a lift out and drop in design, the guard rail vertical posts drop into a recessed socket on the dock lift platform when in position. A concern with pocket style guard rails is the possibility they might be bumped out of the pocket as the result of an impact.

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