Why are dock levelers available in 6`, 8`and 10` platform lengths? Different length dock levelers offer different above/below ranges, and will impact the angle of decline or incline that the load will experience. First a dock leveler is basically just an adjustable bridge or transfer plate between the loading dock floor and the bed of the trailer. The dock height is a fixed height; the trucks that arrive can be level with the dock height, higher than the dock height, or lower than the dock height. For example, if the bed of a truck is 8” higher than the dock height then a longer platform will decrease the degree of incline driving onto the truck. Many loading dock areas are now being designed specifically to the height of the incoming trucks, for example over the highway trucks are pretty consistent in trailer floor height and a shorter platform works well. If the loading dock is to receive a wider range of incoming truck heights 8’ long platform lengths are still the most common in the industry. Contact your Pentalift Sales Representative for more information.