Most lift table applications are indoors and do not have any unusual exposure that can impact the finish. For these typical applications, Pentalift’s standard finish of gray enamel paint is usually the desired choice. There are applications however, where a custom finish is required. It could be as simple as upgrading to a non-standard color, to match existing equipment or to identify the equipment for a specific purpose. For typical outdoor applications an upgrade to a high solids epoxy finish would be recommended to better stand up to UV exposure and the elements. When an application calls for regular high power wash down with chemicals, one may wish to upgrade to a hot dip galvanized finish. When the equipment is going to be used for food processing or be exposed to regular contact with food products, one may wish to upgrade to a food grade epoxy or even move to stainless steel construction. Regardless of your application, Pentalift can offer the appropriate finish to meet your requirements. Contact your Pentalift Sales Representative for more information.