Whether you are looking at a simple rotating platform or at a table capable of lifting and rotating, there are several options that seem to be routinely requested or discussed. The most commonly requested item is some way to prevent the table from rotating when desired. Pentalift can offer several methods to do this. The simplest and least expensive would be a Rotating Top Brake. This uses friction to prevent the table from moving. Other brake options would be a Rotator Stop that includes a pin that can be dropped in at mechanically prevent the table from moving, or 90° spring detents, which automatically slips into position at each 90° turn and needs additional force to be pushed beyond the detent. After braking options, the next most commonly requested adder for rotating platforms would be powered rotation. If you are seeking powered rotation, Pentalift will need to know whether you wish to rotate clockwise, counterclockwise, or both directions. While braking options and powered rotation are the most common requested options, Pentalift specializes in custom equipment and you should discuss your application with a Pentalift Sales Representative for advice about your specific application.