Air Powered Dock Levelers offer trouble free performance

Air Powered Dock Levelers are designed to provide superior product value through prolonged, trouble-free performance. Convenient push button activation increases the efficiency and safety of the loading/unloading process. Pentalift AD Series Air Powered Dock Levelers provide superior performance in high frequency and abusive environment applications.

Air Powered Dock Levelers have fewer moving parts

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Make your loading dock safer with a vehicle restraint

Vehicle restraints are a key component of safe loading docks. Locking trailers into position vehicle restraints integrate signal lights, inside and outside. This helps communication between dock attendant and truck driver. Once the truck is positioned the recessed vehicle restraint reaches out... Read More

Vehicle restraints were first introduced to increase safety at the loading dock approximately 35 years ago. The most common safety device has always been the wheel chock for the truck. Wheel chocks are like a wedge, and once the truck is backed into position, the chocks are manually positioned in front of the back wheels to the stop the truck from rolling forward while it is being loaded. Often these chocks go missing, or can can s... Read More
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Pentalift Equipment Corporation March 3, 2014 - Guelph, Ontario - A leading manufacturer and distributor of automotive glass products employing over 4,000 people worldwide approached Pentalift looking for a solution to their specific application.

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When protecting worker’s rights, the Ontario Ministry of Labour is very proactive in scheduling health and safety blitz’s to the loading dock sector. Workplace injuries and fatalities can usually be averted with proper maintenance and service on loading dock equipment. Dock levelers, mechanical, hydraulic and air powered along with vehicle restraints and lift tables should all be serviced at least twice a year and signed off on by the technician performing the task. In 2014 these industrial warehousing safety blitz’s (to be held in February and March) are designed to enforce compli... Read More

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