Make your loading dock safer with a vehicle restraint

Vehicle restraints are a key component of safe loading docks. Locking trailers into position vehicle restraints integrate signal lights, inside and outside. This helps communication between dock attendant and truck driver. Once the truck is positioned the recessed vehicle restraint reaches out and pulls in. It hooks securely holding the trailer during loading and unloading.

Ultrahook Recessed Vehicle Restraint

The UHR40 has an exceptional holding strength of 40,000 lb. there are no protruding components when it is in its stored position. Advantages include easy snow and debris removal. The vehicle restraint is protected from the elements and not damaged by impact. The Ultrahook vehicle restraint provides a clean building appearance.

An audible alarm is installed on the vehicle restraint if the trailer creeps forward during loading/unloading. The design of the UHR40 vehicle restraint system permits floating with the suspension of the truck. It can be interlocked to other equipment like a dock leveler, overhead door or inflatable dock seal. The Ultrahook vehicle restraint is ideal for facilities where trailer theft is a concern. This is because of its high restraining capacity which makes it difficult to disable.

The UHR40 vehicle restraint is installed under the dock leveler which reduces maintenance. The only component that extends is the heavy steel hook. When not in use the entire assembly is safely stored and protected. The Ultrahook vehicle restraint assures that there is no gap between the restraining hook and the rear impact guard of the trailer. Eliminating any gap increases the holding power. This ensures the trailer can’t make an unscheduled departure. Other designs of vehicle restraints permit a gap and momentum to exist. The Ultrahook UHR40 vehicle restraint provides the superior solution.

Vehicle Restraints make docks safer

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