Vehicle restraints were first introduced to increase safety at the loading dock approximately 35 years ago. The most common safety device has always been the wheel chock for the truck. Wheel chocks are like a wedge, and once the truck is backed into position, the chocks are manually positioned in front of the back wheels to the stop the truck from rolling forward while it is being loaded. Often these chocks go missing, or can can slip on the snow and ice during winter weather. Since they are usually attached to the foundation or the building at the overhead door, vehicle restraints combined with communication light packages, are much more reliable and effective than wheel chocks. When the truck is backed into position the dock attendant activates the vehicle restraint. The vehicle restraint hooks onto the truck’s rear impact guard and locks the truck into position.
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Vehicle restraints are not yet mandatory, but more and more companies are specifying vehicle restraints for all of their new buildings as well as adding them to their existing facilities. The loading dock area is often referred to as the most dangerous part of any manufacturing or distribution center, so to increase safety more and more vehicle restraints are being installed. Contact your Pentalift Sales Representative for more information.