Air Powered Dock Levelers offer trouble free performance

Air Powered Dock Levelers are designed to provide superior product value through prolonged, trouble-free performance. Convenient push button activation increases the efficiency and safety of the loading/unloading process. Pentalift AD Series Air Powered Dock Levelers provide superior performance in high frequency and abusive environment applications.

Air Powered Dock Levelers have fewer moving parts

Air powered dock levelers fit between the hydraulic and mechanical dock leveler product range. Featuring fewer moving parts than a mechanical dock leveler an air powered dock leveler will reduce maintenance requirements. Air powered dock levelers offer many beneficial operational and safety features. Pentalift air powered dock levelers incorporate unique and important operating features to achieve safe and reliable operation.

Air Powered Dock Levelers Features

The Pentalift air bag is constructed from reinforced coated polyester fibers and resists most chemicals, scrapes and punctures. The bag functions on high volume low pressure. The material has an extremely wide temperature operating range suitable for extremely cold and hot applications.

The air bag tray assembly uses structural components to transmit the air bag forces. The rollers are high precision cam followers. The rollers run on the top of the 4″ deep frame beams keeping them away from dirt and debris generally found on the floor of the pit. These beams provide a smooth and hard tracking surface for improved lifting efficiency. The air bag contact surfaces (upper and lower) are galvanized steel to resist corrosion.

The 115 volt blower assembly is installed at the rear of the dock and is self cleaning. It is provided in a metal housing and with an easy to remove and clean filter assembly. The low current requirements negate the need for dedicated electrical supply to the loading dock.

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