In most lift table applications it is quite common and also acceptable for the deck assembly to very slowly drift downward if the lift is left in the raised position for an extended period of time. However there are applications that require the lift table to remain in the raised position for an extended time without any downward drift. To address this requirement Pentalift offers a number of optional hydraulic valves. A manually operated hold valve is located on the hydraulic power unit, when closed the hydraulic oil is trapped in the cylinder preventing the lift table from lowering. Another solution is an electrically operated holding valve. Installed at the base of the lift cylinder, this valve is normally closed and opens electrically only when the operator activates the down button. If it is imperative that the lift table does not drift down the best solution is engaging mechanical stops. Mechanical stops can be positioned either manually or positioned using double acting hydraulic cylinders. Based upon the application and the power unit positioning Pentalift offers a solution to address downward drift.

Mike Earle