mechanical lift safetyHydraulic lift safety is crucial in the activity of any organization whose operations involve the frequent use of such specialized and efficient equipment. Your employees and lifting machines must work together in harmony, complementing each other and enhancing each other’s work. That is why mechanical lift manufacturers emphasize the importance of proper installation for the safe operation of mechanical lifts, irrespective of the application where they shall be used.

Mechanical lift safety starts with the determination of the best solution for the customer’s application. Communication is essential throughout this phase, where Pentalift focuses on getting a clear and accurate picture of what the customer expects from the mechanical lift. A mechanical lift manufacturer knows the key factors that need to be identified in order to establish which equipment will best suit the needs, as well as the expectations of the customer. Once these factors are identified and a product recommendation is made, the customer can proceed with the purchase. However, the next step is just as important as the first one: proper installation.

Mechanical lifts may be pit installed or surface installed. That essentially means particular designs for each situation. Adequate installation of the lift is absolutely necessary for mechanical lift safety as well as other considerations:

  • Proper Operation: The user of the mechanical lift needs to make the best of the many benefits of such equipment. Optimum operation of mechanical lifts is directly influenced by whether or not the lift was properly installed. Good installation is just as important as duty cycle, controls, speed requirements, design, maximum weight or lifting height. No matter how performing lifting equipment may be, it is crucial that it is properly installed. Improper installation leads to less efficient and cost effective operation.
  • Mechanical Lift Safety: All equipment, no matter how smart, works with people. As a result, users need to be perfectly safe while working with lifting equipment. It is imperative that the operator be fully trained in the use and operation of the equipment. The potential effects of an accident are devastating. However, the risk of accident or injury can be reduced dramatically if the mechanical lift is properly installed. Any equipment that does not function within the correct parameters is exposed to risks and these risks can have a tragic effect on the operators.
  • Long Term Application: the point of working together with the customer to determine the best features of the mechanical lift is to provide lifting equipment that will last a long time without complications. That is also the very goal of proper installation, which ensures a longer lifespan with minimum downtime. In the end, all of the design and configuration efforts must be complemented by proper installation. A mechanical lift that is not properly installed will wear down quicker and experience lots of complications even if it does work.

Mechanical lift safety is crucial and proper installation and use of the equipment has direct influence on the safety of workers. There are no excuses for neglecting such an important aspect. No matter how you’d like to approach it, safety needs to be a priority in any company’s activity. More than with any other sector, in the lifting industry safety plays a major role in ensuring a company’s success and reputation.


Mike Earle

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