Warehouses are usually packed with items from floor to ceiling. Access to these goods is essential, which is why a lift table is a crucial addition to any warehouse space.

The Need For Lift Tables And Tilters In Warehouses

Lift tables (most of which are also capable of tilting for ease of access to goods) raise and lower items throughout the warehouse. They’re capable of elevating or lowering big, weighty loads and are especially useful when it comes to handling pallets, loading vehicles and work positioning.

Employee safety is paramount in a workplace setting and lift tables and tilters help to reduce worker injury by making sure work stations are at appropriate heights.

Some common uses of lift tables:

  • Convenient handling of goods and comfortable work positions;
  • Loading vehicles and operating on docks;
  • Positioning of loads when using conveyors;
  • Handling roll cages and pallets;
  • Positioning of materials in machine feeders.

Pentalift lift tables and tilters ensure workers perform their tasks in the most ergonomically correct way to lessen the likelihood of injury and heighten comfort thus increasing morale and output. There are products to suit most warehouse environments and requirements – pneumatic or hydraulic lifts/tilters.

The Pentalift team will help you choose the right product for your environment. Choosing a lift table can be daunting. There are so many different compositions. Here are some questions you might want to ask before making a choice:

  • What’s going to be lifted?
  • How will the lift table be operating?
  • What are the needs in terms of safety?
  • What’s the application?


Tilters often go hand-in-hand with table lifts. They’re made to tilt bins as ergonomically correctly as possible as items are removed or added from bins. Lift and tilt tables are often used in handling and assembly projects and in welding. Lift and tilt tables can operate together or independently. Those working independently of each other have more vertical travel and control of position at lower heights. Lift and tilt tables working synchronously have a low profile and designed being mindful of parts handling and correct positioning of containers at ergonomic heights and angles.

Pentalift has designed, engineered and manufactured superior lift tables since 1983. Their well-informed staff will help you with your lift needs. Their products include positioning tables, industrial platform lifts, tilters and more for your warehouse requirements. Give them a call today to discuss your options.