The majority of lift tables receive a sprayed on finish coat, this sprayed on finish coat often includes products such as enamel paint, epoxy paint or even cold spray galvanizing. None of these finishes can compare to the high performance coating of hot dip galvanizing. During the hot dip galvanizing process the components are first dipped into a tank of a cleaning acid solution, removed and then dipped into a separate tank containing the molten galvanizing solution. As opposed to any spray on finish the hot dip process assures all surface areas of the components are completely covered, the high heat of the molten galvanizing solution provides superior adhesion to the steel surfaces. There is not a spray on metal coating that comes close to providing the protection that hot dip galvanizing provides in resisting and preventing corrosion.  The hot dip galvanizing costs are all up front and although they can seem to be costly at the time the long term benefits of this superior finish will extend the life span of the equipment. Extending the life span of the equipment (avoiding replacement) far outweighs the initial costs of hot dip galvanizing.