Maintaining and properly servicing loading dock equipment is very important for 2 main reasons, operations efficiency and dock attendant safety at the loading dock area.

In distribution centers and in the majority of manufacturing facilities products are received and shipped across a dock leveler. Any interruption of product transfer in or out of the facility due to problems or delays at the loading dock area directly impacts the efficiency of the operation and ultimately the bottom line.

The dock levelers in use at the loading dock may or may not have been originally supplied with a weather seal. Weather seal is designed to close the gap, approximately 1” wide between the sides of the dock leveler deck and the pit wall thereby minimizing energy loss and preventing the elements from entering the building. Weather seal is a maintenance item, confirmation should be made that the weather seal is in place and if so if the weather seal is still effective; consider upgrading to a brush weather seal if there are any evident gaps along the sides to reduce energy costs.

The loading dock area has been rated as one of the most hazardous areas of any facility. Due to the location and nature of work taking place debris and dirt can quickly accumulate in the loading dock area. Routine maintenance including pit cleaning, lubrication, and adjustments not only keeps the loading dock equipment working properly it also provides the opportunity to regularly inspect the dock equipment’s structural integrity.

Vehicle restraint systems are an important safety contributor at the loading dock. Without regular maintenance including cleaning and proper snow removal the vehicle restraint systems operation could be compromised which could lead to an unscheduled truck departure, trailer creep, collapsing landing gear on spotted trailers all potentially resulting in an accident at the loading dock.

For 35+ years Pentalift has been actively promoting safety at the loading dock and regular dock equipment maintenance is a very important aspect of working towards this goal.

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