All manufacturers have a standard paint colour that is for brand identity or for economy of scale in any high volume manufacturing facility. Pretty much any colour other than the manufacturer’s standard is available, but at an upcharge. The reason for this upcharge is due to the purchasing process, receiving process and manufacturing process. Depending on the colour of the paint, primer may need to be added to the lift table before the paint is applied. When painting a lift table a custom colour, the painter must first clean the lines with xylene. The painter then must pour primer into the paint gun reservoir and apply the primer to the table. Once the painter finishes applying the primer, the painter then takes the primer out of the paint gun reservoir and cleans the lines with xylene again. The painter must then put the custom colour paint into the paint gun reservoir, apply the paint to the lift table, and clear the lines for the last time. Depending on what paint a company chooses, the lift table may need to be specially packaged before it is shipped to the customer. Most manufactures require a RAL number of the colour requested to assure that the paint colour is exactly as ordered.

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