Technically they don’t require a higher HP power unit to operate but almost every time they are specified. A lift table power unit consists of 5 primary components, electric motor, hydraulic pump, hydraulic valve, oil reservoir and a control station. As lift tables increase in lifting capacity more cylinders are used in the structural design to lift the load. Additional lift cylinders increase the volume of hydraulic oil required to operate the lift table. To provide a suitable lift speed a larger volume hydraulic pump is required to increase the oil flow rate to the lift cylinders. To drive the larger volume pump a higher HP electric motor is required. For example a 20,000 lb capacity lift table with a 3 HP power unit takes approximately 121 seconds to lift 59”. The same lift table equipped with a 10 HP power unit takes approximately 25 seconds to lift 59”. Higher HP power units drive higher volume pumps which increases lift speed.

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