Under normal operating conditions the truck is backed into position at the loading dock and the trailer door is opened. The attendant operates the dock leveler, the dock leveler deck raises and the hydraulic lip extends. The dock leveler is then lowered into position with the extended hydraulic lip resting on the bed of the truck. After the loading is completed the attendant returns the dock leveler to the closed stored position, that’s what is supposed to happen. However should the truck depart the loading dock area without first returning the dock leveler to the closed stored position the dock leveler deck lowers automatically with the lip in the extended position. The next incoming vehicle will accidentally or unknowingly impact the extended hydraulic lip causing structural damage. To avoid structural damage to the lip assembly, lip cylinder and lip hinges the dock leveler hydraulic system is designed to permit the lip to automatically slowly retract inward to the vertical position with the lip assembly safely tucked away behind the face of the dock bumpers. This automatic slow retraction of the lip assembly into position behind the dock bumpers eliminates any potential impact by the next incoming vehicle.