A hinged bridge plate and a hinged lip is actually the same thing. The most common industry term is a hinged bridge plate. Hinged bridge plates are a transition plate from the lift platform to either a truck bed or an upper elevation. An approach ramp has a significantly different purpose. The purpose of an approach ramp is to transition typically from the floor onto the platform. For example there is a series of dock lifts that have both an approach ramp and a hinged bridge plate. The approach ramp is for the pallet truck or cart to transition from the floor to the lift platform. With the pallet truck on the platform, the dock lift raises to the truck height. The hinged bridge is then positioned on the bed of the truck, which allows the pallet truck to move on and off of the delivery truck. The hinged bridge plate is then raised to the stored position, the platform lowers and the pallet truck exited via the approach ramp.

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