The majority of lift tables are manufactured to be in service for up to 8 cycles per hour, 8 hours per day, and 5 days per week. Any lift table application that calls for repetitive operating cycles greater than outlined should consider incorporating an optional high cycle design feature.

As standard all lift table scissor leg pivot points are equipped with lubricated for life bushings. In an optional high cycle package these standard bushings are replaced with greasable spherical bearings for prolonged life.
An optional high cycle package has the standard steel leg rollers supplied with bushings replaced with greasable precision cam followers for smooth performance and prolonged life. The lift cylinder(s) top and bottom pivot points are also equipped with greasable spherical bearings for prolonged life.

It is very important that the spherical bearings and the cam followers used in a lift table high cycle package receive regular lubrication, failure to do so will result in premature failure and a greatly shortened product life.
In some applications it is very difficult for a maintenance technician to access every one of the locations equipped with grease fitting to provide regular lubrication. In this type of application an optional central lubrication manifold is available.

The optional central lubrication manifold consists of grease fittings that are plumbed directly using hose to every spherical bearing and cam follower location on the lift table. Depending on the model of the lift table one or more manifolds are used, the maintenance technician now has an easily accessible location(s) to grease the spherical bearings and cam followers on a regular basis.

If the lift table is installed in a location that is not readily accessible for lubrication the manifold can be installed external to the lift table. The externally located manifold with hose extensions assures that the maintenance technician can routinely lubricate all of the grease fittings on the lift table.

The power unit may require upgrades to accommodate the high cycle frequency of operation. These upgrades may include larger oil reservoirs, oil coolers, continuous running power units etc.

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