When selecting a dock lift, you want to make sure you find the most appropriate one for your application. The 5 main things to look for when choosing a dock lift would be whether the equipment is going to be floor mounted or pit installed, platform dimensions, what the lifting and roll over capacities will be, bridge lengths and what voltage will be offered to the dock lift at the place of installation. The manufacturer needs to know whether the equipment is going to be pit installed or placed on the floor so that the correct safety features can be incorporated. The manufacturer must also know what platform size and the required capacity of the equipment to ensure safe and stable use in the work area. A dock lift manufacturer must also know the distance a truck will be from the dock lift when loading and unloading, to ensure the correct bridges are equipped for safe and sturdy use. A manufacturer must also know the available supply voltage to ensure the right power unit is equipped for the dock lift. While there may be additional detail questions, most dock equipment manufactures will be able to supply at least a concept and budget price once they have the above information.

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