In the majority of industrial applications the lift table manufacturer’s spray on enamel paint finish is an acceptable surface finish. The standard spray on enamel finish varies in color from manufacturer to manufacturer; nonstandard paint colors are available from the majority of lift table manufacturers.

A specific color may be requested to match the surrounding equipment, user preference etc. In this case provide the international RAL color code #, there are over 2,500 colors to choose from. For example RAL 1017 is Ivory; RAL 1057 is Light Ivory etc. Depending upon the color selected the equipment may have to be primed prior to the finish coat being applied.

An upgrade to an enamel paint finish is an epoxy paint finish. Epoxy paint is resilient to many alkalis, acids, solvents and grease and is recommended for non-chemical intermittent wash down or outdoor exposure.

Food grade epoxy paint finish has excellent moisture, abrasion and chemical resistance. Food grade epoxy paint is compliant with USDA Incidental Food Contact requirements and is applied after the equipment has been mechanically cleaned.

Lift tables can be ordered with a hot dipped galvanizing finish. Hot dip galvanizing is the best possible coating to prevent corrosion. The lift table is manufactured, tested and then disassembled into sub-assemblies. Then sub-assemblies are the dipped into an acid solution for cleaning and then dipped into a hot molten zinc bath. During the galvanizing process there could be permanent visible deflection of the steel and an inconsistent finish however there is no impact on the structural integrity of the lift table.

Contact the Pentalift Sales Department to discuss your application and operating environment to select the most suitable surface finish for your application.