Portable lift tables can be used in a dedicated manufacturing process or moved from one work station to another work station based on the work load requirements.

Listed below are 4 different options that provide portability, these options are not available on all models of Pentalift lift tables; consult the Factory to discuss your portability requirements.

Fork Pockets; 2 – 3” high x 6” wide steel tubes are welded to the lower frame of the lift table. These steel tubes are the full length of the lower frame and can be welded to the sides of the frame or welded under the frame. This portability design allows a lift truck to pick up the lift table and relocate as required.

Semi Portable; 2 rollers are welded to one end of the frame and a removable dolly handle is located on the opposite end of the frame. When the lift table is in use the dolly handle is disengaged, the frame of the lift table lays flat on the floor. To move the lift table the dolly handle is engaged lifting that end of the frame and slightly tilts the frame to a point that the rollers on the opposite end now contact the floor. The lift table can now be easily moved to a different location or moved for a thorough work station area clean-up. Semi portable lift tables are not to be moved when loaded. This link shows an example of a semi portable design https://www.pentalift.com/solutions/semi-portable-scissor-lift-table/

Fully Portable; This design consists of a lower sub frame with 2 rigid casters and 2 swivel casters, the lift table can be manually pushed from one location to another. Cast iron, polyurethane and phenolic casters are available. The standard portability package has the sub frame and casters directly under the frame. The low profile portability package has a sub frame however the casters are installed on the ends of the frame as opposed to under the frame. This design provides a lower overall platform height and either design can be moved with the lift table fully loaded.

This link shows an example of a fully portable lift table https://www.pentalift.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/Large-double-scissor-lift-table-portable-cantilevered-loads.pdf

Power Drive; Power drive lift tables run on a track typically consisting of angle iron and V groove casters on one side of the frame and flat bar and flat rollers on the other side of the frame. An electro-hydraulic drive system powers this portable design and is used for applications that have a straight line back and forth traffic pattern only. This design can be moved with lift table fully loaded. This link shows an example of a power drive design. https://www.pentalift.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/power-drive-high-cicle-lift.pdf

When applying portability to lift tables consideration must be given to the stability of the lift table. Generally the lift table is intended to be lagged to the supporting surface (typically a floor). With this lagging the lift table application needs to be considered and confirm relative to stability. As well consideration must be given to the power supply connection and hose routing to accommodate the required portability.

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