There are 4 different mechanical options to stop or lock a lift table rotating top.

This link shows a Pentalift Pro Series hydraulic lift table equipped with a rotating top.

The most commonly ordered option is spring activated detent stops. This design consists of a spring loaded ball transfer that pushes up against the underside of the rotating top. The underside of the rotating top is equipped with 4 concave stops for 90 degree detents or 2 concave stops for 180 degree detents.

When the top is rotated the spring loaded ball transfer is pushing up and when it comes in contact with the concave stops the ball transfer is pushed up into a concave recess holding the rotating top in position. The operator gently slows the rotation when it is close to any of the 4 – 90 degree detents or when getting close to the 2 – 180 degree detents and ball transfer automatically slips into position

The spring loaded ball transfer pushed up into the concave recess will hold the rotating top in position. To continue rotating the operator will apply a small amount of force, the concave recess will push the ball transfer back down and rotation will continue freely until the next detent position is reached. One concern with the detent arrangement is that the position can be accidently released during load placement by fork lift. To address this concern the manually operated rotator stop described below can be utilized.

A manually operated rotator stop has a metal shaft that locks the rotating top in 90 degree increments. The operator manually positions and removes the locking steel metal shaft at the proper location. This design of mechanical stop is available on square rotating tops only and is not available for a pit installed lift table supplied with a rotating top.

A spring loaded rotator stop is similar to manually operated stop however the spring loaded feature automatically engages every 90 degree and the operating lever must be manually disengaged to continue the rotation.

Powered rotating tops are also available and they are often equipped with electric limit switches to stop the rotation at a predetermined position(s).

Pit installed lift tables with a rotating top are equipped with a home position limit switch. The lift table will not lower unless the rotating top is in the home position, in the home position the rotating top is aligned with the lift table sub deck.

This feature prevents the underside of a partially rotated top from accidentally making contact with the operator’s foot or the floor preventing it from lowering fully into the pit.

For additional information on Pentalift rotating tops please contact the Pentalift Sales Department.