As standard all dock lifts are supplied with a remote/external power unit. The standard operator controls supplied are a hand held, 2 button constant pressure push button on 20’ of cord that is wired directly to the power unit electrical control panel.  Depress the up button the dock lift raises; depress the down button and the dock lift lowers.

A common optional control is the same hand held push button on a coil cord as opposed to the standard 20’ of straight cord. The coil cord is 4’ retracted and 20’ extended, when not in use the 4’ retracted coil cord has very little cord lying on the floor thereby reducing the chance of the cord being snagged or accidentally run over and damaging the control cord.

Dock lift controls are also available on a permanent post welded to the dock lift platform; the dock attendant walks onto the platform and can easily access the controls. This design of controls can be specified with the push button fixed to the post, the push button fixed to the post on 10’ of cord, or a removable push button on 10’ cord. The removable push button on 10’ cord ensures that only authorized personnel are able to operate the dock lift. When the dock lift is not in use the controls are removed and stored in a secure location rendering the dock lift inoperable.

An option to ensure that only authorized personnel operate the dock lift is to specify a fixed push button on post with a removable key. With the key in place the key switch is selectable to 2 positions, one to activate and one to de-activate the use of the up and down push button.

Although the majority of dock lifts are used to service various truck bed heights to grade for loading or unloading some dock lifts are used for product transfer between 2 fixed elevations within the building. In this application it is common to have wall mounted push buttons at each level both equipped with an emergency EStop button. In a restricted use application a removable key option is available. The key operated selector switch has 2 positions, authorized personnel can select one to activate and one to de-activate the use of the up and down buttons.

This links to the Dock Lift brochure, a number of the operator controls described are shown within the pages of the brochure.

Listed are the most common operating controls for dock lifts, there are other less common control options available. To discuss your application and select the most suitable controls please contact the Pentalift Sales Department.