As standard Pentalift mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic dock levelers are supplied with a 16” long hinged lip assembly.  In the majority of applications the 16” long hinged lip assembly in conjunction with 4 ½” thick laminated dock bumpers provides adequate lip length on the truck bed for safe loading and unloading.

An 18” long hinged lip assembly is a very common and recommended option. The extra 2” lip length compensates for a truck that may not be backed in perfectly square to the face of the loading dock bumpers.

20” long hinged lip assemblies are available on all Pentalift mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic dock levelers. 20” long lip assemblies are often used at a facility that ships or receives refrigerated or frozen products.

Refrigerated trailers often referred to as Reefers have a raised, ribbed subfloor that is approximately 2” high. The refrigerant is pumped through these raised sections of the subfloor. The 20” long hinged lip assembly is required to ensure the lip assembly projects into the trailer far enough over the longer step to safely rest on the top of the trailer subfloor.

It should be noted that longer lips do provide a benefit however longer lips reduce the above level operating range of the dock leveler.

Roll Off Stop hinged lip assemblies are available on hydraulic dock levelers.  This lip arrangement increases safety at the loading dock.  With the dock leveler in the closed, stored position the hinged lip assembly projects up 8” above the deck assembly. This 8” high section of the hinged lip assembly acts as a barrier to prevent a lift truck from accidentally driving off the end of the closed dock leveler and falling to grade level. See page 6 of brochure in link.

Lip assemblies can be ordered with grease fittings to provide a means for regular lubrication of the hinge spools and the lip hinge pin. Lip assemblies can be ordered with additional bevel on the leading edge of the lip for smoother transition from the dock leveler lip to the truck bed. This option is often used when handling fragile loads. Lip assemblies are also available tapered inward up to 6” per side.

In many applications the truck bed height and the finished floor height can vary up to 4”- 6”. During the manufacturing process the dock leveler hinged lip assembly is not on the same plane as the deck assembly, it is tilted downward slightly, this is referred to as lip crown. With a truck in position that is higher than the finished floor level the lip crown allows the lip assembly to rest flat on truck bed. If the lip assembly was on the same plane as the dock leveler deck the tip of the lip would project up higher than the truck bed creating an obstacle for the lift truck or pallet truck during loading.

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