Auto return is an option that is only available on hydraulic dock levelers.

When a truck is backed into position at the loading dock the trailer doors are opened.

The dock attendant cycles the hydraulic dock leveler. The deck raises, the hydraulic operated hinged lip extends, the deck is then lowered and the hinged lip rests on the truck bed. The loading or off-loading begins, when completed typically the dock attendant returns the dock leveler to the closed, stored position.

If there is no dock attendant available the truck departs. The dock leveler deck assembly and extended lip slowly lower to the bottom position. The hinged lip automatically starts retracting towards the closed/vertical position. At a predetermined setting the hinged lip contacts an under deck limit switch signal bar which activates the dock leveler lift motor.

The dock leveler raises approximately 6” – 8” above finished floor height, a timer in the control panel shuts off the lift motor and the dock leveler lowers to the stored/closed position.

When the truck departed the dock leveler deck and lip hinged lip were automatically returned to the stored/closed position. The video link below at the 5.43 minute mark  shows auto return in operation.

The video is here > Optional Auto Return

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