Vehicle restraint safety systems are designed to mechanically lock a truck/trailer in the proper parked position at the loading dock during loading and also to provide visual safety related communication to the truck driver and the loading dock attendant. Vehicle Restraint Systems greatly enhance safety at the loading dock.

Pentalift introduced our first vehicle restraint safety system over 30 years ago. This link shows the evolution of the first vehicle restraint design introduced to the market.

As the demands for vehicle restraints grew additional models were introduced to suit the wide variety of trailer rear impact guards this link shows the 7 models of vehicle restraint Pentalift has available.

The majority of vehicle restraints are anchored to the face of the foundation wall directly below the dock leveler. With a truck parked in position, the loading dock attendant activates the vehicle restraint using an interior installed control panel. The vehicle restraint locking mechanism engages with the truck’s rear impact guard safely locking the truck in position during loading preventing any accidental or unscheduled departure.

The exterior wall mounted traffic style light and high visibility sign advise the truck driver to back into position or leave the loading dock area on the green signal only. When the truck is backed into position the vehicle restraint is activated and the exterior light automatically turns red signaling the truck driver not to leave.

The interior installed control panel has a red, green, and amber signal light. The red light illuminates when the vehicle restraint is not in use, the green light illuminates when the restraint is engaged to the truck’s rear impact guard signally it is now safe to load the truck. If the vehicle restraint is activated and does not engage with the rear impact guard a warning buzzer sounds. If the decision is made to safely chock the truck’s wheels and load with the vehicle restraint not engaged an override switch is activated illuminating the amber light signaling load with caution.

The ultimate vehicle restraint safety system stores under the dock leveler away from the elements and prevents any accidental contact.

As a recognized industry leader in vehicle restraint safety systems for over 30 years, Pentalift continues to innovate to further promote safety at the loading dock area. For additional information on this and other loading dock safety equipment please contact the Pentalift Sales Department.