The most common loading dock height is 48”-50” above grade and this accommodates the highest percentage of commercial trucks serviced at the loading dock area. The truck and trailer bed heights arriving at the loading dock are generally 46” – 52” high and the standard 48”-50” dock height is in the middle of this range.

The goal is to have the loading dock height and the truck bed heights match. The less difference between these two dimensions the better. Lower differences result in less angulation of the dock leveler deck assembly which is easier on fork lift brakes and transmissions. It also results in less impact loading to the dock leveler structure and a smoother transition across the dock leveler. That said most facilities experience trucks with some differences in the truck bed height. The dock leveler accommodates these differences as long as they are not excessive.

To accommodate loading and off-loading trucks dock levelers are designed as an adjustable height ramp between the truck/trailer bed and the loading dock area floor. The adjustable height feature of a dock leveler allows for safe product transfer between trucks that are at, slightly above or slightly below the standard 48” – 50” dock height. For 35+ years Pentalift has been recognized as an industry trusted leader on the design of dock levelers for use in the loading dock area.
Older facilities often have lower dock heights that are in the 42”- 46” high range. Pentalift offers dock levelers with longer platforms to minimize the angle of incline or decline reducing impact forces and promoting operator safety when loading at the dock leveler.

Many locations have truck bed to grade level loading conditions only. In locations where a conventional loading dock area does not exist Pentalift Dock Lifts address the safe handling of product between the truck bed and grade level loading.

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