Whether you are replacing existing or adding new dock seals or dock shelters at a facility the Pentalift Dock Seal/Dock Shelter Site Check Sheet is a very important tool to have and use.

The Dock Seal/Dock Shelter Site Check Sheet identifies many of the site conditions that must be taken into account when replacing or adding dock seals or dock shelters to ultimately provide the most energy saving solution.

For example the overhead door size determines the most appropriate model of dock seal or dock shelter to use to provide the most effective energy seal with a truck in position and the overhead door open.

On the Site Check Sheet there is reference to the clearance available on the sides and above the overhead door. This is important to confirm that there is adequate room for the side pads/frames, for the head pads/curtains/frames to be positioned on the building wall, room for the mounting hardware and if there are any height restrictions such as a canopy, siding drip edge flashing etc.

An incoming truck backs into position and stops when contact is made with the loading dock bumpers. The measurement from the dock seal/dock shelter mounting surface on the building wall to the face of the dock bumper is also an important measurement.

This measurement determines the projection of a dock seal to provide 4”- 6” of compression with the truck in position up against the dock bumpers. If a dock shelter is to be used this dimension determines the overall projection of the dock shelter side frames and head frame. You want a minimum of 14” of frame projection beyond the face of the dock bumpers for an effective top and side seal.

A level approach to the loading dock area will have the same top and bottom projection of the dock seal or dock shelter. Declining approaches are common and it is important to know the percentage of the decline to correctly taper the dock seal side pads providing an even rate of compression over the height of the side pads. The Pentalift Site Check Sheet includes an easy formula to determine the percentage of decline.

If there are multiple overhead doors to seal it is important to know if they are all the same in size, do they all have the same clearance on the sides and top, all the same approach etc. Any anomalies should be clearly noted on individual Site Check Forms.

These are just a couple of the main topics that a Dock Seal/Dock Shelter Site Check Sheet addresses. For additional information on this valuable site tool please contact the Pentalift Sales Department.