The modern loading dock is one of the busiest areas of any manufacturing facility or distribution center therefore safety is a paramount consideration. The equipment generally associated with the loading dock area includes dock levelers, vehicle restraints, dock seals, overhead doors and dock lights.

A master control panel provides the dock attendant a convenient centralized location to operate all of the above mentioned equipment at the loading dock and it also allows for the ability to interlock or sequence the optimal operation of the equipment.

For example the master control panel can interlock the vehicle restraint to the hydraulic dock leveler. The vehicle restraint must be engaged with the trucks rear impact guard and a green signal illuminated on the interior control panel before the hydraulic dock leveler will operate.

In the event that the vehicle restraint is not engaged there is an override switch on the control panel allowing the dock leveler to operate. When the override switch is engaged the interior control panel has an illuminated amber light warning the dock attendant that the truck is not restrained, use wheel chocks and load with caution.

Another example is the overhead door interlocked to the dock leveler. To prevent damage to a closed overhead door by accidentally activating the dock leveler the overhead door must be open before the dock leveler will operate.

Options for the control panel include a 115/1/60 receptacle to provide power to a wall mounted dock light, push buttons to control an inflatable dock seal or truck shelter, push buttons for the overhead door.

Overhead door controls include a Door Open, Door Close and Door Stop button conveniently wired to a terminal within the control panel that permits wiring to the overhead door electric motor.

In addition to the above a master control panel provides one convenient location for the incoming power supplies to connect and a master control panel also improves the aesthetics at the loading dock area. A master control panel makes more efficient use of the wall space in the loading dock area by combining what would normally be numerous control panels into one combination panel.

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