The majority of dock leveler manufacturers offer foam insulated deck assemblies as more of a safety product than an energy saving product.  There are many options available to conserve energy at the loading dock area of any facility and contrary to some popular thought foam insulated dock leveler deck assemblies are not on that list.

In most applications conventional pit model dock levelers are in the closed/stored position with the overhead door closed on top of the dock leveler deck assembly the majority of the time. Foam insulated dock leveler deck assemblies are beneficial if there is a significant temperature difference of cold inside (freezer or refrigerated) and hot outside in a facility that has pit model dock levelers in use.

For example industrial freezer warehouses inside temperature are most commonly maintained at -10 degree Fahrenheit through -20 degree Fahrenheit and the outside temperature in some parts of the country are routinely in the mid to high 80 degree Fahrenheit range or higher, with high humidity.

This wide temperature variation can and does cause a film of condensation to form on the top of the dock leveler deck assembly. During the loading and unloading operation this film of condensation on the dock leveler deck assembly can cause a slippery condition for both human traffic and lift truck traction as the truck is being loaded.

Specifying a dock leveler with a foam insulated deck proves to be the most effective when the loading dock application involves a combination of a pit model dock leveler in use at an industrial freezer located in an area with high out door temperatures humidity.

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