A tandem lift table has 2 or more sets of scissor legs positioned end to end with a common platform and frame. Tandem lift tables are most commonly used to lift, support and lower long loads such as lengths of steel, pipe, lumber and large assemblies.


The platform length determines the number of scissor leg assemblies be used and the positioning to safely support the full length of the load on the platform. By placing more than one leg set under the lift platform the load is better supported. The shorter tandem series of legs also result in increased capacity capability with reduced lowered height for the lift. This link shows a 3’ wide x 30’ long platform 6,000 lb. capacity tandem scissor lift table using 3 sets of scissor leg assemblies.


Tandem lift tables are also used as an adjustable height work platform during manufacturing, testing and assembly of automobiles, locomotives, aircraft engines, trucks, trailers etc.


For 35+ years Pentalift has been recognized as a trusted and experienced manufacturer of both pre-engineered and custom-designed tandem scissor lift tables. For additional information on Pentalift lifting equipment and loading dock equipment please contact the Pentalift Sales Department.