Some lift table applications call for an extremely long platform, perhaps to handle steel pipe, long lengths of lumber, hydro poles etc. A single set of scissor legs may not provide the required stability for the extended length. To properly support this long load it is common to manufacture lift tables with 2 or even more leg sets positioned “end to end” with one common deck assembly. Now the load is supported in multiple positions under the length of the load, increasing the stability.Tandem Lift TableThis is referred to as a tandem lift table design. The total lifting capacity determines the individual capacity of each of the leg sets. For example, a 12,000lbs tandem design could utilize (2) scissor leg sets, each with 6,000lbs capacity, or (3) leg sets, each with 4,000lbs capacity. The leg sets are positioned under the common deck assembly to support the total 12,000lbs load. The length of the platform and the required vertical travel will determine the number and length of leg sets used. Contact your Pentalift Sales Representative for more information.