When a customer has a requirement for a particularly long lift table, it often makes sense to move to a Tandem Lift Table.

A Tandem Lift Table is created when Pentalift mechanically combines multiple sets of scissor leg sets, positioned end-to-end, utilizing a common deck and frame assembly.

The TL-Series and the TLH- Series are Pentalift’s two pre-engineered series of tandem tables. They both use two leg sets. The TL has a lower profile and is lighter duty, while the TLH has a greater, fully lowered height and offers much higher capacities.


<pPentalift is frequently asked to develop solutions for customer applications that require custom tandem designs. These will often incorporate more than two sets of scissor legs.

Here is a link to a custom tandem case study which illustrates some of Pentalift’s custom tandem lift capabilities.

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