On an electro-hydraulic lift table the lift motor is mechanically coupled to the hydraulic pump. When the lift motor is activated the hydraulic system pumps the hydraulic oil to the lift cylinders and the lift table rises. When the lift motor is shut off by there is a slight overrun “freewheel” effect, the pump continues to pump oil for a split second and the lift table rises slightly. If precise positioning is required a Sure Stop Valve is added to the hydraulic circuit. At rest the Sure Stop Valve is normally closed. Activating the Up button turns on the lift motor and opens the Sure Stop Valve simultaneously allowing the hydraulic oil to flow through the valve to the lift cylinders. When the lift motor is shut off the Sure Stop Valve immediately closes. This immediate closure prevents the slight hydraulic overrun freewheel effect and the lift table stops at once. This Sure Stop Valve is often used in an upward indexing operation where precise, repetitive stopping is required.