A self-height adjusting lift table is an ergonomic tool used in palletizing of products for shipment or de-palletizing a full pallet of product at point of de-packaging.

A self-height adjusting lift table has a 48” x 48” square platform c/w a manual rotating top and is stored in the fully raised position when empty. The Pentalift self-height adjusting lift table is referred to as a Pentaloader.

This link leads to the Pentaloader brochure. https://www.pentalift.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/pentaloader-1.pdf

An empty Pentaloader platform is positioned and held in the fully raised position by a number of horizontally positioned adjustable compression springs installed in the lower frame assembly. To begin the palletizing cycle an empty pallet is placed on the Pentaloader platform. As product is positioned on the pallet the addition of the weight pushes downward compressing the main springs, as the main springs compress the platform lowers.

The automatic lowering of the platform facilitates self-adjusting the platform at the ergonomically correct height to accept the next piece of product the operator places. With the correct setting based on sufficient weight with the pallet fully loaded the Pentaloader is now in the fully lowered position. During the loading cycle the positioning effect of the Pentaloader platform has minimized or eliminated any need for the operator to bend or stretch creating a more comfortable, productive and safe loading experience.

To avoid reaching across the pallet when loading the operator can use the standard rotating top to assure that the position the product is to be placed on the pallet is comfortable and safely within the operators range. When fully loaded a lift truck is used to engage with the pallet and lift it up until it clears the Pentaloader. A replacement empty pallet is placed on the Pentaloader platform and the loading process begins again.

Pentaloaders are also used to assist in de-palletizing a fully loaded pallet. The empty Pentaloader is at rest in the fully raised position, a lift truck places a fully loaded pallet on this raised Pentaloader platform and the lift truck then lowers the pallet forcing the Pentaloader down to the fully lowered position.

The fork lift truck is then driven away and the operator begins the unloading process starting with the top row of product on the pallet. As the individual packages are removed from the pallet the Pentaloader retracted compression springs push the platform upward maintaining a level working height for the operator as they comfortably off load the pallet.

When the pallet is fully emptied the Pentaloader is in the fully raised position, the empty pallet is then removed, a lift truck positions the next fully loaded pallet, the Pentaloader fully lowers and the de-palletizing process starts again.

There are 4 models of Pentaloaders to select from; they are all the same size, same price and same weight. The 4 models are available to closely match the maximum weight of the pallet to be palletized or de-palletized. Matching the maximum pallet weight to the most suitable model of Pentaloader assures the Pentalift will operate throughout its full operating range providing the most height versatility for the operator during the loading or unloading process.

This link leads to the Pentalift model selection chart. First identify the maximum pallet weight to be addressed and match it with one of the four Pentaloader Model Numbers shown in the chart. https://www.pentalift.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/modelselection-1.pdf

The first link leads to a video showing the features of the Pentaloader, the second link leads to a video of the Pentaloader in operation.

Features: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QZpNiqQ6nDs
Operation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-kpMuqcLue8

For additional information on Pentaloaders or any Pentalift product please contact the Pentalift Sales Department.