Standard lift tables are designed for up to 8 load cycles per hour, 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.

The scissor legs are drilled and equipped with bushings that rotate on fixed pivot pins at the upper and lower hinged end of the scissor mechanism as the lift table raises or lowers.

At the opposite end of the scissor legs, referred to as the rolling end upper and lower steel leg rollers are used. These steel leg rollers are also equipped with bushings that run on fixed pins as the platform raises and lowers.

The scissor leg assembly’s main center pivot pins also use bushings that rotate on a pin.

The lift cylinder(s) is equipped with bushings on a pin at the base of the cylinder and the top of the cylinder(s) is equipped with a spherical bearing and a pin. In applications where lift tables are to be cycled greater than the above noted frequency a high cycle package is recommended to prolong the life expectancy of the lift table.

With a high cycle package all bushings are replaced by greasable spherical bearings and the steel leg rollers are replaced with greasable cam followers.

It is very important that the spherical bearings and cam followers receive regular grease lubrication.

Failure to grease the bearings and cam followers will result in a greatly shortened product life.

To facilitate easier and complete lubrication an optional central grease lubrication manifold(s) is available. The central grease manifold(s) is conveniently located either on the lift table or remote to the lift table providing easier access for applying the grease lubrication.

The manifold grease fittings are plumbed using hose to every spherical bearing and cam follower on the lift table.  The maintenance technician on a scheduled basis can now easily lubricate all of the spherical bearings and cam followers included in the high cycle package.

For additional information on Pentalift’s lift table high cycle package please contact the Pentalift Sales Department.